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Wireless Stealth Electronic Fence Intelligent Electronic Fencing 023 Safety In-ground Dog Electric Fence Chargeable
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Product description:1. The pet electronic fence is an invisible pet dog electronic fence that does not need to occupy a place. Through the magnetic field induction technology, you can set your pet dog in any place within a square kilometer (this range can be adjusted). In the area, it can also effectively ensure that your dog cannot walk out of this square kilometer at will.2. The pet electronic fence, the transmitter is equipped with a sensitivity adjustment device, you can arbitrarily adjust the size of the area that you can not allow your pet dog to approach. The receiver acting on your pet dog’s neck has a multi-segment voice prompt function , This sound changes clearly and effectively from short to rapid changes to tell your pet dog which areas are inaccessible. If your pet dog does not listen to the warning of this sound and is still close to the inaccessible area you set, then it will be set in you The receiver on your dog’s neck will give it a short electric shock until it turns around and leaves. Repeat this a few times, and your dog will understand: when it hears the warning sound, it cannot approach the area in front of it. In this way, an invisible, effective fence relative to your pet dog is formed.Features:1. Invisible environmental protection-the wires are buried underground, do not occupy space, do not affect the appearance, and give the dog more freedom.2. Gradually tonal stimulation-when the dog approaches the border, the first warning sound is issued. If you continue to approach, the system will issue a slight impact.3. Pulse proportional stimulation-high-tech design of human nature, the vibration intensity depends on the distance the dog approaches the boundary line, the closer the dog is to the boundary line, the greater the vibration intensity.4. Built-in speed detector-the faster the dog moves, the higher the level of intensity.5. The control range is wide, and the knob of the transmitter can be adjusted for easy operation.6. If the buried wire is damaged, the wire damage indicator will emit a loud warning and flashing light.Package Contents:1. 1*Indoor wall transmitter.2. 1* power plug.3. 1/2/3* adjustable collar receiver.4. 1*300m long boundary power cord.5. 2*Extra metal contacts.6. 20* training mark.7. 1* tester.8, 4* spiral nails.9. 1*User manual.


• The effect range is a straight line distance, and there is no obstacle between the transmitter and receiver.• The remote control distance of the product may vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation, battery performance, and interference from other radio equipment.Due to shipping restrictions, all batteries are not included ! You'll easy buy at your local. Thanks for your understanding!NOTES:1.If you haven't received your item, please do contact us. A FULL REFUND will be issued to you with NO EXCUSE.We do not want to give you a bad buying experience even when the shipping is out of our control.2.Customer feedback is very important to us. We sincerely hope you can leave a positive comment and we will give you a 5 star comment too.3.Please contact us first before leaving any NEGATIVE Feedback, or raising any DISPUTES to Aliexpress. We guarantee to solve your problems in a way you'll be satisfied!4.If there is any questions, please feel free to contact us. thanks.
Item Type Training Collars
Model Number LY151 VS-023
Origin CN(Origin)
Type Dogs

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