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Wireless Fence Barriers Indoor Dog Training Collar Electric Shock E Collar Wireless Gate Keeps Areas Off Limited
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Packaging Include:

1 x Transmitter (Battery not include)

1 x Receivers (Battery include)


1. Indoor Wireless Pet Fence

2.small and easy control

3.covering diameter:50-300cm

4. One transmitter support up to 2 Receivers

5. One Receiver could for more Transmitters

6. If you have large place and want divide different area, just need buy more transmitters.

7, Nylon collar girth: 26~46cm

Function Description:

The transmitters and the receiver are connected by radio frequency signal, normally the signals can cover 50-300cm dismeter areas, and they can adjust pets forbidden area sizes according to the signals.

By the unique radio receiving system, the digital invisible fence can alarm automatically and the sound may change intermittently, with harmless electrionic stimulation, to remind the pets to enter the forbidden area.

Programming system, eash digital invisible fence can work in two different modes, you can set it to let one pet enter an area and forbid another one enter.

1. “Pets manager” is designed to provide personal opportunity for pets training, and is used to prevent pets’ depressing behaviors —— no need to send the pets to the training centers.
2. The product does not need cables, so you can place the “Pets manager” beside of the objects you want to keep away from pets.
3. The signals cover diameter of the forbidden area is50~300cm.
4. Signals cover division setting, you can adjust the signals cover ranges according to the size of the space freely by yourself.
5. The sensitivity and accuracy of a cover division range are controlled digitally.
6. Automatic alarm or alert system, to alert pets not to enter the forbidden area.
7. The product is suitable for2~70kgpets.
8. With LCD display.
9. The receiver is in waterproof design, in the lightest design, 36g weight, will not affect pets’ living when it is put on.
10. Programming system, in two different modes, you can set it to allow one pet enter an area, while another is not allowed.
11. According to the living space, you can select “one for one” or “one for two” pattern.
12. Transmitter, receiver battery idle time is 4000 hours.
13. The transmitter is used with3pcs “AA” alkali batteries (not included),and the receiver is used with2pcs CR2032 button Li batteries (included)
14. The product is protected by national patent law

Brand Name Petguider
Is Smart Device NO
Item Type Training Collars
Material Plastic
Model Number 11547
Origin CN(Origin)
Type Dogs

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