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EF851 Wireless Electronic Fence GPS Positioning Technology Waterproof Rechargeable 800 Meter Radius
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EF851 Pet Wireless Electronic Fence GPS Positioning Technology Waterproof Rechargeable 800 Meter Radius

【product description】

This wireless electronic fence system uses GPS technology for precise positioning and ranging. The maximum coverage area is a circle with a radius of 800 meters. When the dog exceeds the set remote distance, the receiver will automatically start the warning tone and shock training. Once the dog returns to the safe area, the receiver immediately stops training and returns to standby. This product is waterproof and rechargeable, and its electric shock (vibration) strength is adjustable from 0 to 3.

【Product Features】

1, the real wireless remote control electronic fence, no wiring and flagpole;

2, using GPS technology, its controllable range reaches a circle with a radius of 800 meters;

3. Training mode: warning tone and static stimulation (or vibration).

4. If the dog exceeds the set distance, the system will automatically start the training mode, first warning sound, then electric shock (or vibration);

5, electric shock or vibration intensity 0-3 adjustable, to adapt to the training of small and large dogs.

6. This product is rechargeable and has good waterproof performance;

7, the set remote distance can be displayed on the screen, and it is easy to convert the actual distance;

8. After setting the origin and remote control distance, the distance from the origin to the current position will be displayed in real time on the display.

9. After each training period, the system will automatically stop training for one minute to avoid overtraining.

[product components]

Waterproof charging receiver *1

Adjustable TPU dog strap *1;

5V charger *1

LED test light *1;

Hardware cap (2 long and short) *1 package;

USB charging cable *1

English manual *1 copy

[Package Specifications]

Product size: 7.8*4.2*3.0 cm

Color box size: 19*12*5.5 cm

Single weight: 0.30 kg

Item Type Training Collars
Material Plastic
Model Number EF851
Product size 7.8*4.2*3.0 cm
Single weight 0.30 kg
Type Dogs

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