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Dog Training Collar 2 in 1 Wireless Electronic Fence Dog Training Collar 883
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2 in 1 wireless electronic fence dog training collar 883

X-883 wireless electronic fence dog training device

Tip: Fence 30 means 30 meters, about 32.8 yards.No code is required in the fence mode, and multiple receivers can be used.In the dog training mode: use the code and use 3 dogs at the same time.1. Open key: light pressure switch machine, power indicator light is long, fence mode LED display 30, gear position 5 gear positions: 30, 60, 90, 150, 300,In the dog training mode, the intensity of the six gears of vibration, electric shock and sound is displayed: 1, 2, 3-6, and the maximum is 6. The low number means weak, the bigger the number, the stronger the intensity, and the modes are adjusted with "+" and "-".2. MODE button: 30 is the fence mode, dog training mode LED display 001: for the first dog, display 002: for the second dog, display 003: for the third dog. Long-press MODE pair code: The number flashes, and the code is long after the code is successful.3. SOUND: Sound button, light press button receiver will sound 1-6 gear position adjustment.4. VIBRATION: Vibration function: The light pressure button receiver will vibrate 1-6 gear position adjustment.5. SHOCK: Shock button: The light press button receiver will give an electric shock 1-6 gear position adjustment.6.MIN: Lower button: Fence and dog mode reduce numbers.7.MAX: Increase button: Fence and dog mode reduce numbers

Product description:

The intelligent 2-in-1 electronic wireless fence training dog is a new product in the pet electronic product market. It has a novel appearance and comfortable hand feeling. It is worth mentioning that it integrates the dog device and the wireless electronic fence in one operation, and the operation is simple. Convenient, not only can better protect your pet's safety, but also allow pets to get better training within a limited range.

Main Features:

1. 2 in 1 function; LED display, pet wireless fence & remote control sound vibration shock trainer.

2. The LED displays 5 different control radius distances;

30 files = 30 meters, 60 files = 60 meters, 90 files = 90 meters, 150 files = 150 meters, 300 files = 300 meters

3. In wireless fence mode:

a. The transmitter and receiver do not need to use the code, and the signal can be normally operated after being turned on;

b. One transmitter supports multi-collar receiver

4. Remote dog training mode:

a. For code usage, you can control three dogs at the same time, 001 for the first dog, 002 for the second dog, and 003 for the third dog.

b. Three functions: sound warning, vibration warning, static warning;

c. Each function can be adjusted from 1-6 files

5. Reflective with fluorescent TPU to improve night safety;

6. The transmitter and receiver are rechargeable, and the receiver is waterproof;

Outdoor electronic wireless fence and dog training function mode conversion operation

Power on the default fence mode LED display 30, press the MODE button to switch back and forth

1. When the LED digital display is "30", it is the outdoor electronic wireless fence mode. Press the MODEQ function button on the right to switch to the dog training mode. In the dog training mode, the LED digital display "001" or " 002" can also be "003".

2. In the outdoor electronic wireless fence mode, “30” means radius “30” meters, “60” means radius 60 meters, 5 different distances can be adjusted, 30 meters, 60 meters, 90 meters, 150 meters and 300 meters. .

3. In the dog training mode, three dogs can be controlled at the same time. The LED digital display “001” indicates that the first dog is corresponding, “002” indicates the second dog, “003” indicates the third dog, and the display screen There are three functions on the right side, namely sound function, vibration energy function and electric shock function. Each function has 1-6 intensity adjustable.

The low number indicates weak, the higher the number, the stronger the intensity, and the modes are adjusted with "+" and "-".

1 for 1Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*1Adjustable TPU Strap *15V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 2Test Light*1English Manual*11 for 2Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*2Adjustable TPU Strap *25V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 4Test Light*1English Manual*11 for 3Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*3Adjustable TPU Strap *35V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 6Test Light*1
battery lithium battery 2500 mAh
Brand Name AHKUCI
Charging chargeable
Color Silver
Conductive column Replaceable
dogs Number for1 & for2 & for3
Feature Wireless electronic fence
Item Type Training Collars
level 1-6 level
Material Plastic
Mode: sound, vibration, electric shock
Model Number HPT-883
power DC5 volt
Receiver 3.7 volt lithium battery 400 mAh
Remote control range 300m
Type Dogs

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