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Dog Invisible Wireless Fence System Pets Indoor 2 in1 Ultrasonic Insect Repeller Collars Dogs Electric Training Supplies
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Indoor 2 in 1 Invisible Wireless Dog Fence Ultrasonic Insect Repeller Collar System Pet Dog Fencing Training Electric Collar


Please read the product manual carefully before starting operation.

The YQJ-907 with Indoor Wireless Pet Barrier Management System & Ultrasonic Electronic Insect Repellent System 2 in 1 Function:

1. The wireless indoor pet barrier(Pets manager) can keep your pet far away from a room,from trash, from furniture etc.,Just place the barrier transmitter nearby the area to avoid your pet from getting into. When your pet gets into the setting forbidden areas, the barrier transmitter emits a spherical radio signal that reaches about a diameter of 10 feet, and your pet will hear a series of sounds from the receiver on the neck, firstly a warning sound will be sent out, if your pet continues to stay close to the set boundary line, the receiver will emit a slight harmless stimulation of electric shock, the closer the pet goes to the transmitter, the greater intensity of the electric shock stimulation will be until your pet leaves away from the barrier area, this electric shock will give him alert for attention, but won't cause any harm, It can let pets live in independent spaces, prevent theirs depressing behaviors, and keep your furniture's and living articles clean and tidy, there's no need for you to worry about anything when you go out. The YQJ-907 indoor pet barrier has been proved to be safe, comfortable and suitable for pets of at least 6 months old or pets of more than 5 pounds.2. Ultrasonic electronic insect dispeller is a kind of high & new technological electronic product, it adopts sweep-frequency high-frequency ultrasonic circuit to produce sweep-frequency ultrasound of 20-50KHz. Scientific research finds that the endocrine system and physiological functions of mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice and other pests etc.will cause disorder within the range of ultrasound under this frequency so that the effect of driving and killing can be achieved, ultrasound is harmless to human bodies and other animals, because the sound wave exceeding 20KHz can't be heard by human beings. Because of its safe, non-toxic, tasteless and high efficient features, the ultrasound has been widely used. Insect dispellers are suitable for being used in houses, shops, hotels and offices etc. The effective range of the product is: about 150square meters, the best effect is 60 square meters.

Technical parameters of barrier transmitter:

1.Working frequency of:14KHZ (The barrier transmitter is set as (1))barrier transmitter ( 2 kinds):20KHZ (The barrier transmitter is set as (2))2.Charging voltage:5V (Charge it after it is switched off)3.Sleeping time:60 seconds (The LCD sleeps after 60 seconds when the function is turned on)4.Charging time:5 hours (Charge it at least 8 hours beforeusing it for the first time)5.Standby time:60 days (Standby time after it charges once)6.Ultrasonic power:7W7.Ultrasonic frequency:20-50KHZ (2 kinds of setting modes (automatic sweep / fixed frequency))

Key definitions:

Barrier Transmitter: Transmits the wireless radio signal.Control of variable barrier area: Areas to be set for preventing your pet from getting into.Receiver collar: Receive the radio signal from the barrier transmitter.Contact points: Deliver the safe Progressive Static Correction when your pet gets into the Barrier Area.Progressive tonal stimulation: Firstly the receiver collar will give out warning sound, if your pet continues getting into barrier area, it will give electric shock stimulation.Barrier area: When a pet arrives at signal area, he will hear a continuous warning sound that lasts about 10 seconds, if the pet doesn't go back to safety area, he will receive static electric shocks twice for each warning sound. The closer the pet goes toward the transmitter, the greater intensity of electric shock will become, until finally your pet leaves away from the barrier area.Electronic ultrasonic insect dispeller: Sound wave of 20-50KHz emitted through high frequency speaker can dispel mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice and other pests within effective areas.

913 Wireless Dog Fence System receiver Operational Instructions:

Functional Profile:913 is a new type of electronic dog fence system receiver designed according to the concept of humanization. It has the functions of vibration + ringtone, sound recording and playback, sound recording and playback + vibration to manage your dog effectively.When your dog walks into the boundary line, the signal causes the receiver on the dog's neck to beep a warning and play the master's recording or vibration.If your pet stays close to the boundary line, the system will vibrate more strongly or repeat the recording until your pet returns to the boundary line you have set.

Collar Receivers Functionality:

1.To Turn On / Turn Off:Press Power Button 3 Seconds2.Powered On:Flashes Green Light3.Low Battery:Flashes Red Twice a Second4.Charging:Flashes Red Twice a Second5.Full Charge:Green Light

3 Adjustable Modes:

1.Beep and Vibration:Green light flash2.Play recording:Blue light flash3.Play recording and Vibration:Green and Blue light flash simultaneously4.Battery Life:3-8 Days5.Charge Time:2-3 Hours6.Reset Option:Charge the collar for at least 2 seconds to reset7.Sleep ,Mode:When idled for 60 seconds, it will go into sleep mode. A small motion will wake up the collar receiver. The ratting sound is the motion detector.8.Water Resistant Rating:Waterproof IPX8 (Immersion Beyond 100 Feet in Water


Proper fit of the collar is very important. A collar worn too long or too tight on pet neck may cause skin injury ranging from redness to pressure ulcers, which is usually called bed sores.Do not leave the receiver collar on your pet for more than 12 hours per day.Whenever possible, relocate the receiver collar on the pet's neck every 1 to 2 hours.To avoid too much pressure, collar should be adjusted to an appropriate tightness so that the probe can contact pet's skin but won't restrict pet's breath. It is considered as appropriate for you to put one finger's width right into the back of the pet neck's backside.Adjust the collar to the most comfortable status and trim up the excessive parts.Put your collar on your pet properly together, too long or too tight wearing may cause skin injury or damage.Wash the pet's neck area and the collar's contact points weekly by using wet cloth or washing liquid. Check daily whether the contact area has rash or pain or not.If rash or sore is found, stop using the collar until the skin heals.If the sick condition lasts continuously over 48 hours, please see the veterinarian.For additional information about bed sores and pressure necrosis, please browse relevant website.These steps will help your pet feel safe and comfortable. Millions of pets feel very comfortable while they are wearing non-metallic contact points. Some pets are sensitive to the contact pressure. After a period of time, you may find that your pets are quite tolerant of its collar. If so, you may relax some of these precautions. It is important to continue daily checks of the contact area. If redness or sores are found, stop using it until the skin has completely healed.You may need trimming the hair in the area of the Contact Points. Never shave the pet's neck,which may lead to rash or infection.

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Wireless Fence SystemUltrasonic insects repeller 2 in1

905 shock collar

913 Vibration &sound recording collar


Wireless Fence Mode & Ultrasonic Repeller Mode

2.Ultrasonic Speakers

Ultrasonic speakers adapt 20-50 khz frequency.the power of Ultrasonic sound reach 7w.

Illustration of front panel

Illustration of Back panel

Illustration of LCD Screen

Introduction of 913 Vibration &sound recording collar

905 Shock Collar

Recharageable & waterproof receiver.progress static stimulation.closer to the protecting boundary stronger static stimulation goes with first sound warning.

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905 receiver Shock collar
913 receiver Vibration & sound recording
barrier transmitter ( 2 kinds) 20KHZ (The barrier transmitter is set as (2))
Brand Name Wodondog
Charging time 5 hours
Charging voltage 5V
dog fence ultrasonic insect repeller invisible wireless dog fence ultrasonic insect repeller
Is Smart Device NO
Item Type Training Collars
Material Plastic
Model Number YQJ-907
name Indoor wireless dog fence system & insect repellent system 2in1
Origin CN(Origin)
pet fencing training electric collar pet fencing dog training electric collar
Sleeping time 60 seconds
Standby time 60 days
Support wholesale support dropshipping
Type Dogs
Ultrasonic frequency 20-50KHZ
Ultrasonic power 7W
Working frequency of 14KHZ (The barrier transmitter is set as (1))

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