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Dog Electric Collar Waterproof Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Remote Dog Bark Control Collar Anti Bark Pet Trainer Shock Vibra
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Electric Dog Training Collars Waterproof Rechargeable with 400m Remote Control Receiver Pet Training Collars. It provides two options: 1) Auto Training Collar Only, which will vibrate while your dog first bake, and if the dog continues to bake, it will switch to shock mode.  2) Manual  Training collar (up to 2 dogs), which you can put more control and choose the mode you'd like to training your lovely dogs. This product is not harmful to your dog. But this one do not have Auto training mode.



RD300 Trainer Features:

1, Rechargeable remote control transmitter and receiver.

2, Waterproof collar receiver, your pet can swim in the water.

3, Up to 400 meters of remote control, accessibility.

4,5-step electrostatic pulse intensity level.

5,5 file vibration intensity.

6, Standard sound


7, liquid crystal display, showing the level of stimulation.

8, simple operation, in line with ergonomic design layout

9, rapid and direct matching process.

10, able to control both dogs (additional receivers are available separately)

11, Adjustable TPU collar band to fit dogs of any size

12, automatic shutdown function, save power, extend battery life.


Packing list for Auto Training COLLAR ONLY:

1 X Receiver Collar 
1 X Adjustable TUP Strap 
1 X Rechargeable USB Charging Cable 
1 X Charger 
1 X Contactor 
1 X Instruction Book



Packing list for Manual Training collars:

1 X Remote Transmitter 
1 X Receiver Collar or 2 X Receiver Collars

1 X Adjustable TUP Strap 
1 X Rechargeable USB Charging Cable 
1 X Charger 
1 X Contactor 
1 X Instruction Book



 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old is the dog before using this device?

A: Your dog should learn basic obedience commands such as "sit down" or "stay."


Q: Once my dog has finished training and obeys my order, does he have to wear it?

A: Probably not. But you can try to strengthen the training.


Q. How long can I last to give my pet a sound, vibration, or electrostatic charge?

A: The maximum time you can continuously sound, vibrate, or static shock is 10 seconds. After this, the remote transmitter will timeout, sound, vibration, or / and electrostatic shock must be released and pressed again.


Q: Is the receiver waterproof?

A: Yes, but make sure the rubber cover is tight.


Q: Can I connect the pulling rope directly to the collar?

A: No, this will make the contact point too tight to your dog's neck.


Q: How long can I put my collar on my dog?

A: We recommend not to wear more than 12 hours a day.


Q: How long should I train for a pet?

A: The training stays positive and short, preferably about 10-15 minutes each time.


Q: Is the training device suitable for all dogs?

A: Collar minimum neck circumference is 25CM, the maximum is 60CM.

How to train a dog's device?
Our products are reliable, effective and comfortable. Collar for a variety of large or small dogs.

Device Control Distances We tested up to 400 meters at an accessible location, activating your dog collar receiver as soon as the remote signal occurs. This is a safe, harmless stimulus. The company is located in:

Depending on how you hold it, the terrain, climate, vegetation, etc. can not be different and the control distance may be different.

Key definition

1 shows: Remote Transmitter Antenna: Transmits the signal to the receiver
2: white light LCD: The remote control goes into standby mode after 1 minute without command and the LED screen goes out. Highlighted, shown clearly in any light or darkness. Charge the remote control when the battery indicator blinks.

3; Electrostatic impact button, press the button, the impact of the LCD screen icon will flash, and the electronic pulse signal sent to the receiver, press the L button, you can adjust the level of static shock from 0 to 5 files.

4: Vibration mode: Press the button, the LCD vibration icon will flash and the vibration signal will be sent to the receiver. Press L button to adjust the vibration level from 0 to 5.

5: Sound mode: Pressing the button, the LCD screen's sound icon will flash and the sound signal will be sent to the receiver.

6: 1/2 button: Receiver control select button, when you have two receivers, will be divided into No. 1 and No. 2, when you code has been decided on the 1st and the 2nd, remote control The device will 1 or 2 in the upper right corner of the LED screen.

7 shows: L button, you can adjust the level of vibration or electrostatic shock stimulation, from 0 to 5 files.

8: Battery icon: In the lower right corner of the LCD screen, when the battery icon has only one grid power, this means that it needs to be recharged.

9 shown: Battery charging port: This interface is Micro USB, you can use the standard charging cable or your phone charging cable and charger.

10 shows: vibration and electrostatic pulse level display, 0 is not action, 5 is the highest level.

11 shows: Vibration command display.

12 shows: Receiver No. 1 display.

Item Type Training Collars
Material Plastic
Type Dogs

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