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882 Wireless Indoor Fence Dog Training Collar Shock Vibration Rainproof Rechargeable Anti Bark Five level,300 meters
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Indoor Wireless Fence 882 Dog Training Collar

Product Description

The electronic wireless Pet fence system is reliable and safe for pet training. It is completely out of the hassle of cabling and is very convenient to establish safe areas for pet behavior. Centered around the transmitter, the remote control can reach a radius of up to 300 meters and cover up to 28 hectares. In this large space, your dog can playfreely and safely without worrying about their limited activities or getting lost. As a result, it can be widely used for training in family or outdoor activities.

882 Indoor socket power supply,Indoor charging, charging is available, can't carry it , no extra power storage

Main Features:

1. Complete Wireless Fence System,can be used outdoors;

2. Circular signal region based on transmitter and remote control centerControl range up to 300 m;

3. If the dog is outside the remote control range, automatically start the warning tone and electrostatic shock mode;

4.5 different distance transmitter signals, representing the remote range;

5. Transmitter and receiver do not need to use the code, after the boot can receive the normal operation of the signal;

6. One transmitter supports multi-collar receivers;

7. Waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar;

8. Reflective tape fluorescent TPU,Increase night safety;

9.Transmitter with rechargeable battery (Optional with rechargeable battery when ordering)。

Transmitter operation

1. Turn the transmitter power on or off

Press the ON / OFF button to turn on the power transmitter, the LED power indicator will light red and the signal distance will be displayed on the screen. To turn off the transmitter power, press the ON / OFF button to turn off the power.

2. Set the range of the remote control

The remote range is the linear distance between the transmitter and receiver rings, depending on the strength of the transmitted signal. The value of the transmitted signal is more and the range of the remote control is farther. For this wireless fence, the maximum remote range is up to 300 meters (LED number represents the number of meters, 30m conversion code is equal to 32.8yards), press the "+" or "-" button on the transmitter to increase the distance from 30 meters or cut back.

The value displayed on the transmitter indicates the distance controlled




30M / 32.8 yards


60M / 62.6 yards


90M / 98.4 yards


150M / 164.1 yards


300M / 328.1 yards


3. Transmitter can be charged (only for transmitters with battery)

The transmitter is rechargeable. When the LED power indicator turns red and blinks, it indicates that the transmitter battery is low. Please charge. Once fully charged, the LED will turn red and steady.

Note: Please charge at least 4 hours in the first time.

Wireless Electronic Pet Fence System

Package Including:

Im1 for 1Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*1Adjustable TPU Strap *15V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 2Test Light*1English Manual*11 for 2Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*2Adjustable TPU Strap *25V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 4Test Light*1English Manual*11 for 3Wireless Transmitter *1Collar Receiver*3Adjustable TPU Strap *35V/1A Charger*1Metal Contact Probes* 6Test Light*1English Manual*1portant note:

1. Wireless fence system is only for dogs

2. A low battery level may result in intermittent operation. Don't use it and charge it immediately to get low battery

3. Don't put the collar on the dog for more than 10 hours every day.

4. Keep the receiver away from children

5. Please read all instructions before using this product.

Certification:●Name: HPT-819 Pet Dog Training Collar Electric Sensitivity Adjustable Level Static Shock Sound Rainproof Anti Bark Device Stop Bark●Color:Black●Training Mode:Sound, Shock●LED display: 1-7 level sensitivity, the large number indicates that the receiving sound sensitivity is stronger, the large dog is recommended to use low level, and the small size is recommended to use advanced.The Anti-bark Collar stops dog barking with progressively increasing sound andshock which is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dogs bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers sound and shock after each bark
Brand Name AHKUCI
Color Silver
Covering area 28 hectares
Feature Wireless Fence System
Item Type Training Collars
level Five level
Material Plastic
Model Number HPT-882
Quality Superior
Range 300m
signal wireless
TPU Reflective band fluorescence
Type Dogs
Waterproof performance Waterproof
way Sound and electrostatic shock

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