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2021 Dual Antenna Wireless Dog Electronic Fence System With Rechargeable and waterproof 1/2/3 Dog Training Collars
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Electric Wireless Dog Fence Upgraded, Dual Antenna-Stronger Signal, Adjustable Range Control 100-990 ft, Waterproof Collar, Rechargeable, Harmless for All Dogs, for Outdoor. 3 Collars

  • With 2.4GHz technology and new dual antenna design, the new version signal stability is drastically improved, which is more stable and accurate. We use feet instead of meters to indicate distance (five different radius:100ft/200ft/300ft/500ft/990ft). It's usable in any outdoor terrain. When your dog is out of range, the receiver will beep, and then a low 3.7V voltage mild electrostatic shock discourages the dog from exiting the range.
  • One transmitter can control as many dogs as you want, at the same time, the transmitter and collar receivers are automatically paired without manual operation. . You can choose five different control radius distances: 100/200/300/500/990 feet. The range of the fence is defined as a circle (with selected radius) centered on the transmitter.
  • The new version improves the battery design, making the product last longer and the battery more stable.The receiver and the transmitter are rechargeable. With normal use, the battery can last for weeks. If the collar does not work, it will automatically enter the standby mode. The standby mode can be maintained for more than six months, and it can be awakened by the dog's movement or human touch.
  • The collar is made of eco-friendly TPU material and will dissolve into powder finally. The outer layer is equipped with a reflective belt to keep your dogs safe at night. The receiver is IP65 dust-proof and IPX7 waterproof and can be used safely in the rain and wet environments.The collar size ranges from 8 to 28 inches, suitable for dogs of all sizes (between 10 to 110 pounds), and is adjustable.
  • The receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity without harming the dog's hair.There are two sets of conductive columns of different lengths in black silicone covers. You may choose the right conductive column and decide whether to install the silicone cover or not. The silicone covers minimize the stimulation of electric shock to your dog.Your satisfaction is important to us. Please contact us if you have any problems.


  1. Train your dog with this product several times before normal use. Do not use for more than 4 hours the first time. Do not put the collar on the dog for more than 10 hours a day during normal use.
  2. Dogs have an adaptation period of usually 7 to 10 days. Please train your dog well before normal use, in order not to trigger the dog into fleeing, as it doesn't know the meaning of the beeping and shocks.
  3. There should be no object barrier between the transmitter and the receiver collar, such as a wall. The transmitter should be placed outside of your house in an open area, otherwise, the collar will beep and switch to working mode until it receives normal signal.
  4. Collar reminds the dog to return safe zone by beeping for 32 seconds + Shock and 5 minutes beeping in Fence Mode. Collar will enter Standby mode and stop working after that, in order to protect the dogs, whether it goes back or not.
  5. One transmitter can control as many dogs as you want, at the same time. Any dog that runs away will be reminded of the fence while the other dogs who stay will not.

Main Features and the Usage - MUST READ

This is the working process: (1) Beep for 5s (2) Beep for 5s (3) Beep & Shock for 6s (4) Beep for 5s (5) Beep for 5s (6) Beep & Shock for 6s (7) Beeps continuously……

  1. The LED displays the 5 different control radius distances —100/200/300/500/990 feet
  2. Turn on the transmitter and put the collar on the dog. Place or hang the transmitter in an open place and use "+" and "-" to reduce or increase the range. Centered on the transmitter, the remote control can reach a radius of up to 990 ft. and cover up to 70 acres. The receiver collar is constructed with a waterproof design for outdoor use in any weather condition.
  3. This is how the collar receiver works: When the dog goes beyond the boundary for more than 5 seconds, the collar receiver will begin to sound an alert for 5 seconds, after which it emits an electric shock for 5 seconds (note that the receiver does not beep during this 5-second shock). Next, another sound alert and an electric shock simultaneously for 6 seconds. The process is then repeated all over again. Next, there will only be continuous sound alerts. For the dog’s safety consideration, the electric shock will not continue. If the dog returns to the boundary while the receiver is beeping, it will stop immediately. The indicator light will flash during the entire process. If the dog stops moving for more than 5 minutes, the receiver will go into standby mode. (The indicator light will turn off during the standby mode). Work mode is restarted when the dog starts to move again.

  1. Tips:

    1. When the receiver is working, the indicator light will flash quickly. When the receiver is low on power, the indicator light will flash slowly. Please distinguish between the two situations.If it is fully charged,the light will turn green.
    2. The transmitter charges with a DC 5V power supply and a lithium battery 2500 ma. There is a weak current when the transmitter flashes 000. Make sure you keep it charged. The red light stays on after it is fully charged. It is recommended you use the original charger.
    3. If the receiver does not start within 5 minutes, it goes into a dormant state, and the receiver will wake up once the receiver is activated or manually touched.
    4. A LED test light is used to test static electricity. The test light is on, and the electric shock is normal. The inner six sides can be used as a wrench to fix the shock head.
    5. The conducting column can be replaced. Choose a longer or shorter one according to the dog's hair.The black silicon case (included in the package) can be placed on the metal probes to reduce the stimulation of electric shock to dogs. However, each dog has a different level of reaction to electric shock. Decide whether to install the case, depending on your dog's reaction.

Brand Name KPHRTEK
Is Smart Device NO
Item Type Training Collars
Material other
Model Number 889
Origin CN(Origin)
Type Dogs

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