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Dog Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable WIFI Fence
Containment System Fencing for 1 or more Dogs!
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Kindly note: This product can be used outdoor only. It could not be used indoor as it will be disturbed by electric signal.


This electronic wireless pet fencing system is one of the most reliable, cost-efficient pet containment systems available today. Easy-to-install, rechargeable system is great for any size dog. This wireless pet fence system uses a constant radio signal to create a stay zone. The receiver collar worn on your dog picks up the signal. If your dog ventures out of the safe zone, which is very rare once he is properly trained, he will hear a warning tone followed by a light static correction which startles your dog but is completely safe and humane.

3 Dog System


TWO modes are available: ELECTRIC SHOCK and SOUND CONTROL, with a range of up-to 5000 square meters.

Dog wireless fencing system with Completely Wireless System & Super Large Controllable Range:take the transmitter as center, it's biggest remote-control semidiameter is 500 meters. The signal intensity of transmitter can be adjusted from 0 to 100 levels, and the correspondent distance of receiver should be 20-500 meters.

If your dog runs out from designated place, its receiver will initiate training function automatically. Firstly, your dog will be warmed by SOUND, then it will be shocked by STATIC ELECTRICITY to go back to the safe place.

3 rechargeable waterproof receivers with soft durable straps allow you to train three dog at the same time.

Transmitter is equipped with digital display device, which shows current signal intensity directly (0-100 levels).


- Completely wireless system

- Signal field is a circular boundary

- Progressive warning tone

- Variable field width control

- Speed detect Anti-run through

- Multiple collars operation

- Waterproof & Rechargeable Collar Receiver

- A Water-resistant TPU collar fits dog neck sizes 8 to 21 inches(20.32 cm - 53.34cm).

- 100 Levels adjustable correction

- Range: 500m


- Transmitter: 14.8*8.5*3.2cm

- Receiver: 6.5*3.9*3.2cm

- Package size: 30*20*3.2c

Training Dog Receiver


- Receiver: 6.5*3.9*3.2cm

How to training your dogs

1.Coding between transmitter and receiver

Make sure transmitter and receiver are close and power on. Shortly press on/off button of both devices to enter coding status, the screen will display 1dp with flashing. The coding is successful while the receiver sounds Bi-Bi and blue LED flashes one time.

2.Put the receiver collar receiver on the neck of your dog, and check the tightness is proper.

3.Power on transmitter and set the power level to proper value by pressing +/- button on the transmitter. The value will display on the screen. The power level is higher and the remote control range is wider, below table show you the approximate relationship.

Power Level

Appro. Remote control Range





















4.Place the transmitter is more than 1.5 meters from ground, and there is no any metal wall around it.

Notice: the system could support multi- receivers, you can get another receiver and code it with the same transmitter according to step 1.

A Package included:

1 x Indoor wall-mounted Transmitter 1 x Rechargeable and Waterproof Collars 1 x 110-240V Power Adapter 1 x Adjustable Strap 1 x English User Manual 4x Probes (2 short & 2 long) Testing Light To ols

B Package included: 1 x Indoor wall-mounted Transmitter 2x Rechargeable and Waterproof Collars 1 x 110-240V Power Adapter 2 x Adjustable Strap 1 x English User Manual 4x Probes (2 short & 2 long) Testing Light Tools C Package included: 1 x Indoor wall-mounted Transmitter 3 x Rechargeable and Waterproof Collars 1 x 110-240V Power Adapter 3 x Adjustable Strap 1 x English User Manual 4xProbes (2 short & 2 long) Testing Light Tool

Q&A for using:

Q1:For KD-661 dog training device ,Could we adjust the current?Could the KD-661adjust the intensity? Does this system could use for 30KG dog?

A:As long as the dog is out of range,the intensity of current will gradually rise automatically, It cant be manually adjusted . This system could adjust the range, can not adjust the intensity.This system can be used for 30kg dog .

Q2: The receiver's indicator has 3 colors, red, blue, there is a not particularly red color, what does it mean?

A:When you turn on ,it shows red light ;when full charged ,it shows blue light ;when charging ,the red light and blue light will appear together ,it feels like a pink light ,but it is just a moment ,and then immediately restore a color of the lamp, that is red,full of electricity will only be a color of the lamp, blue light .

Q3: The signal is unstable?

A: Because the product is wireless, it will be disturbed by the surrounding environment (the principle is like our cell phone interference in the elevator or rainy day) will hinder the signal transmission, will feel the set distance is different from the actual, using in this environment ,the gear must be properly raised, increase the launch power, the signal instantaneous interruption is interrupted, the receiver does not receive the signal will be considered beyond the scope of the start of the work, after interference will work

Q4: Launcher couldn't Turn on ,what is the reason ?

A: If the power light is not bright, the power is not plugged in, if the power light (red light) is on, please long press the power button to boot, if you can not turn on, please press the reset switch and then boot

Q5: Take the emitter as the criterion and more than a set distance will work.What is the principle?

A:the working principle of the wireless fence,The transmitter transmits the signal (the signal area is the safe area of the pet activity), and the receiver receives the signal. When the receiver can not receive the signal (the transmitter is not powered on or the receiver is out of the signal range), the receiver activates the sound + shock remind function.

Q6: KD-661: The batteries couldn't rechargeable? The manual says that they have to charge four hours at the beginning, we have charged four hours. However, when the plug was unplugged for a few minutes, it was devoid of electricity. We charging for a while, the red light flashes, but after unplugging, after a while no electricity?

A:When the power is plugged in, is the red light of the receiver bright?Does the blue light be bright after full charged?Red light flash is in working condition,after the boot ,the red light flash once in 2 seconds is in working condition ,only the red light flash (1 second flash 2) is the lack of electricity

Q7: The receiver's battery problems There is a signal instability problem, the battery 5 minutes no electricity(The battery has no electricity for 5 minutes.)

A: 1) Confirm that is it not fully charged, 2) Is it safe to enter the safe zone, so there is no electric shock or sound out 3) Is it beyond the limits of 3 cycles, the receiver automatically shut down

Q8:What is the principle of the fence to sense? Is it through Bluetooth or something else?

A: 660: Low frequency 661: Radio frequency (RF) wireless signal transmission

Q9:when the dog is out of the set range, why is the receiver just sound, but not shocking?

A: When dog out of range, the electric shock is intermittent, a period of only 18 seconds as the user manual description, maybe we couldn't feel the dog's reaction, Or because we tied the collar too loose with the dog , the shock did not touch the dog's body, dog couldn't feel the electric shock.

Q10: After reading the manual,still don't know how to set up the system, collar couldn't be connected with interference?

A: The receiver is within the set range, the receiver is in standby mode, will not sound and shock, only red light flash for 2 seconds flashes once in 2 seconds, once the receiver out of range or transmitter signal is severed and strong interference coverage The receiver will sound a warning and a shock

According to the feedback information, the receiver randomly emits sound, there are only two possibilities: 1) the receiver is at the edge position. 2) use of the place of interference! Appropriate increase stalls to solve this problem.

Q11:Two emitters Could Be used together to set up a larger electronic fence ?

A: No, a receiver can only be paired with a transmitter

Q12: The manual says that low battery will flash, normal state will flash once every two seconds,how to understand that?

A:Low power is quick flash, which is different from the frequency of the normal flash.The receiver is quick flash red light at low power ,flash twice a second., the charging process is a long red light, full of lantern long bright, the receiver is flashing fast display no electricity, you need to charge. Standby or work will be flashing (slow flash).

Q13: The hilly location area is not suitable for using this product, right?
A:Because the environment prevents the signal transmission, The hilly position will feel that the pre-set distance is different with the actual distance .In this environment,we must properly adjust the gear ,increase the launch power,When the signal is interrupted instantly,the receiver couldn't receive the signal, it will start to work beyond the range ,it will work well after the interference.

Brand Name KPHRTEK
Item Type Training Collars
Material Plastic
Model Number KD661
Type Dogs

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